Awakening the Dragon Ceremony

Tue Jun 14, 2022
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On June 14, 2022 our Awakening the Dragon ceremony took place at the Marine Wharf dock.  This is an annual ritual.  It involves a VIP to dot the eyes of the carved dragon head at the bow of the boat with a paintbrush, symbolizing the end of the creature's slumber during the off season.  This year John Howard was our guest of honor.  He is the husband of the late Barbara Ann Howard - 1946-2011.  

We found it fitting to ask John to perform the dotting of the eye in honor of Barb, one of our founding members.  Although Barb started paddling in the late 1990's, she was instrumental in getting the Shuswap Dragon Boat Society (Friends Abreast) dragon boat team up and running.  She headed the fundraising committee in the purchase of a dragon boat.  Being a breast cancer survivor herself, the team did not have enough survivors so word went out that supporters were needed to get the boat in the water.  Barb, Donna Hazell and Barb Puetz were good friends throughout her years with the team.  In 2007, Barb suffered a stroke and was unable to paddle, but she continued to be a strong team supporter.  

Sadly, Barb passed away on June 19, 2011.  In her honor, John's fishing group contributed to the funding of the Shuswap Dragon Boat Society sign that is attached to the fence at the end of the wharf.  Every year John comes down to the wharf on her birthday to lay flowers below that sign in her memory.  Barbara Howard will always be remembered for her deep passion for the sport.



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