2007 - 2011

  • Banff 2009 -Donna Hazell, Lynda Bradley and who else do you recognise?
  • Banff -Linda Arnold, Christina Marivsiak and Audrey Spiller.
  • Banff -Audrey Szafranski, Anne Gilbert, Donna Hazell, Ginger Shogi, Lynda Bradley and Linda Arnold.
  • Banff -Sharon Fitzner, Christina Marivsiak, Sarah de Walle and Mandy Trenholm.
  • Banff Tyrril Tonks, Linda Arnold with her daughter, Barb Hagel and Val McKay.
  • Banff -Heather Kennedy.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness with Carole Shirley, Darelyn Booth, Audrey Szafranski, Carol Kerr and Barb Hagel.
  • Dale and Deb Fennell having been married on the boat, 2007.
  • Cleaning the boat at Sandy Point.
  • The boat's clean, now time to paddle back to Salmon Arm.
  • 2009 Linda Arnold, Donna Hazel, Dianna Williams, Tyrril Tonks, Darelyn Booth, Linda Bradley, Helen Hall, Sarah de Wall and Angie Trenholm.
  • 2007 Donna Hazel, Linda Bradley and Betty Ross ready to paddle at Prince George Festival.
  • Friends Abreast make a donation to Search and Rescue.
  • Tooth Fairy (Carol Kerr) drumming on our Fall Fair Parade boat.
  • 2007 Christmas party at Yan's.
  • 2010 Relay for Life in Vernon - what a good turn-out!
  • 2007 at Cultus Lake.
  • 2010 in Salmon Arm.
  • Yard sale for the cure at Remax - Joan Mitchell with Rochelle Dale.
  • Audrey Szafranski dotting the eye to awake the dragon.
  • Team Picture June 2010

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