Well you all thought www stood for world wide web, but how wrong can you be!
We all know it means "Weird and Wonderful on the Wharf"!!
  • Is that half a dragon boat?
  • Hope we never have to race this!
  • Always thought there was a reason this is right in front of our sign.
  • New steers person?
  • Herons on sentry duty.
  • Perhaps www stands for Wierd and Wonderful Wine!  Sandy and Merrilee receive their prizes for the Grebes steers person challenge.
  • Waiting to come in the boat?
  • Confused heron - it must think it's an osprey!
  • Are all the birds keeping an eye on us?
  • Marg transformed a free child's board into this amazing Friends' Abreast notice board.
  • Not our wharf, but how amazing is this!  Apparently it happens every day.
  • Enough water to paddle?

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Shuswap Dragon Boat Society
P.O. Box 1195
Salmon Arm BC V1E 4P3


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