Why Do We Paddle?

Since 2002, the Shuswap Dragon Boat Society/Friends Abreast has been paddling from the wharf in Salmon Arm Bay on beautiful Shuswap Lake. Along with the physical and psychological benefits of paddling, we enjoy great camaraderie, fun, fellowship and much laughter.   Our team is open to all women, regardless of age or physical abilities. Our core mission is to promote breast cancer awareness, and especially to encourage those living with breast cancer to join our amazing group, including survivors, supporters and family members. If you are interested in joining the Shuswap Dragon Boat Society as a Paddling Team Member or Friend of the Boat, or just want more information, send us an email to

In 1996, through research completed by Dr. Don McKenzie at the McGavin Sports Medicine Centre (UBC), the myth that women who had undergone breast cancer treatment (involving lymph node surgery and radiation) should refrain from repetitive upper body exercise was proven to be incorrect. Dr Don McKenzie showed that none of the women developed lymphedema, a permanent and sometimes incapacitating swelling of the arm and chest. The women involved in the research, the breast cancer survivors, went on to form the “Abreast in A Boat” team. To read more of this story, click on the following link:

We promise a welcoming experience and helping hand into our boat. 

You can find our Membership Application and waiver form by clicking this link: Membership Application and Waiver form or you can email us at

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Shuswap Dragon Boat Society
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